6/18/2022 – Road Atlanta

This year I had the opportunity to run solo on Road Atlanta with the Jzilla blue group. It was a really hot day but I’ve been itching to test out the new EBC Yellow Stuff brake pads I have running on the car this year. Holy crap, I have a lot of good things to say about them. I was diving deeper into corners and had way more confidence in my braking than I did last year. 

I made it through 5 sessions without any incidents, any the car held up like an absolute champ this year. The only problems I ran into was my GoPro Hero 8. I had this idea with it facing forward, and then mounting my Hero 4 facing out the rear window. The 8 kept shitting itself randomly and really didn’t get any useful footage. However, the 4 ran like a champ all day and I mounted it to my helmet for my last session. 

Below all this text is a video from the track day, as well as photos shot by MotorSportMedia.