Will it Sim Rig?!

Will it Sim Rig?! is a YouTube series I’ve created to test various games using my Fanatec/Playseat sim rig. Most of these games are older, and not meant to support such hardware. Other games are just not in the racing genre at all. The idea is to see how well using such a controller in these games will play out. Usually with frustrating and/or hilarious results. 

The episodes are in the playlist in release order below. My goal is to make this a weekly endeavor, but videos take a lot of time to make. Configuring games/emulators to work with the set up, capturing all the video, editing it is all exhausting but a rewarding task. It takes around 5-8 hours from start to finish for each video. 

My sim rig consists of a highly modified Playseat Evolution. I’ve modified the Playseat adjustable seat rails to attach a 94 Miata seat to it, which I also have connected to my 5.1 surround system. The Miata headrest has built in speakers which act as the rear channels for this set up. Under the seat I mounted an Amazon bass shaker, with amplifier. As well as a Creative 5.1 USB soundcard, custom mounted shifter and Amazon grade USB E-brake handle. 

Sim Rig