Kitchen Remodel

We knew when we bought this house that the first thing that was going to go was the kitchen. It may have been renovated in the 1980s based on the date stamp I found on the old countertop. Either case, it was still dated, small, closed off and poorly lit. The appliances sucked, and frankly everything was just a bit gross. 

We’ve never renovated a kitchen before, or taken on any kind of project of this size. It was quite the learning experience since we decided to do it all our self. In the end however, we saved a ton of money over hiring a professional. 

It was a frustrating journey made even more difficult by having a deadline. We had about 2 weeks to work on this before we had to be out of our old apartment, so we had to have the kitchen in a livable state before we could move in. 

In the end, it came out alright. There were a lot of things we could have done differently of course. The entire thing was a learning process, with many late nights and a ton of watching Youtube and This Old House. 

The total cost of the remodel including materials/supplies and appliances ran around $8000 total. The most expensive part of the whole renovation was really the granite counter tops, as they were half of the entire cost. 

The gallery of our progress is to show that anyone can do this. It’s not easy, but with patience and the internet, it is possible! 

Here is what we started with, the old kitchen.

And what we ended with!