Game of Thrones King’s Landing Set

During our honeymoon trip in 2019, we visited the Game of Thrones experience in Belfast Ireland. Located directly next to it was the set for King’s Landing in the final season of the show. It was blocked off with trailers to keep prying eyes from seeing it, but I took the drone up in the sky to get a closer look as filming had wrapped.

Unbeknownst to us, it was a big massive spoiler, as we visited this set after the first episode of the final season had aired. So we were weeks ahead of the action. Which the internet promptly let me know with some hateful comments on Imgur. But we had no idea, didn’t recognize the set and couldn’t remember if it was something we had seen before. Either case, it made for some great photos, and I have a video at the bottom as well.  

I did not have permission to fly here. However, the set was not active, and there were no signs around the set indicating it was a no fly zone. Be sure to always double check to stay out of trouble.