Turn AA batteries into C sized batteries!

My wife is sick this week and lost her voice. Something I remembered buying awhile back was a cheap megaphone for about $3. It uses C sized batteries which have been sitting in it for years, so naturally they’re dead. On top of that, the batteries cost more than this little cheap megaphone did. Being a genius, I naturally came up with a solution.

AA batteries are the same length and capacity as a C cell battery. Maybe less capacity, but something such as a megaphone, that doesn’t matter a whole lot. If I can make them fit, they will work. 

Inserting the batteries on their own didn’t work. They would fall over when trying to close the mouth piece, and even if I did manage to keep a connection, they’d fall out of place as soon as the thing was picked up. The solution was simple: Electrical tape. 

Get a rough measurement of the battery, and just wrap that bad boy up in tape. It worked like a champ, and now I can hear my wife again.